How To Adopt:

First of all – what exactly is an OTTB? An “off-the-track Thoroughbred” is a Jockey Club-registered Thoroughbred horse that was previously racing or in training to race, and has since been retired. Injury, lack of talent, and old age are examples of reasons that can result in a horse being retired from the track.

What does an OTTB do once he/she is retired? Well, that’s where you all come in. OTTBs have been known to transition into successful show horses in hunter/jumper, dressage, and other styles. They can also be trained as lesson horses, companion animals, or even for therapeutic riding programs. Like people, horses have their own individual personalities, and some are better suited to a certain job than others are.

Thoroughbred aftercare is becoming a bit more “fashionable” than it was before, and this is great news for the horses. This does not mean that you should reconsider adopting an OTTB because “everyone is doing it” and you don’t want to be looked at as basic. Sometimes it’s totally OK to jump on the bandwagon. It does mean, however, that you will have to be a little more careful and will have to do your research before looking for your newest equine project or BFF.

You’ve decided you want to adopt an off-the-track Thoroughbred. Here’s your (super) beginner’s (very short) guide:


  1. Figure out exactly what your afterlife career will look like for you and your OTTB. Will you be barrel racing, hunter jumping, trail riding, or a little of everything?

  2. Communicate with your organization to make sure a horse is available that will fit your needs.

  3. Visit the farm where your potential new partner lives and make sure their personality will match with your own.

  4. Fill out our adoption application and get approved to take any one of our adoptable thoroughbreds home.

  5. Chose your partner and organize the adoption process, including vetting and shipping.

  6. Take them home and begin your journey with your new best friend!