Horseback Riding Lessons

Lessons are temporarily cancelled while we move locations! 

We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to see you all soon! 

Western & English Riders are Welcome

Sit tall in the saddle and learn the skill of horsemanship in our western riding program. Muscle memory plays an important role as well as timing and communication with the horse to become a successful and well-rounded rider. Our instructors will guide you on your journey to build your horsemanship skills.


We offer western riding lessons to all riders from beginner to advanced.

All riders must wear jeans or breeches and a closed-toe shoe or boot. Helmets are provided, or you may bring your own. During each lesson, new riders are guided by the following schedule:

  • First 15 Minutes: Get out the horse, groom and tack up. Safety is ALWAYS our priority.

  • 35-40 Minutes: Ride Time

  • 5-10 Minutes: Cool down the horse and un-tack.

More experienced riders are allowed to come early and tack up so they can utilize the full hour for riding.

      We work with our students to design a lesson program around their personal riding and horsemanship goals. With an emphasis on safety and fun, we teach riders how to ride both in the ring, and on the trail. Whether your goal is to learn a new skill or remember an old passion, our horses and our program will get you there.


Riding Lessons are offered 7 days a week by appointment only. Long pants, boots with a moderate heal, and helmets are required for all students. We are happy to lend a properly fitting helmet to new students.

    Inquire about rates for special Horsemanship and Horse Skills lessons. Lesson Programs can be designed to teach the New Owner or Leaser Lunging, Long Lining, Round Penning, and the principles how to apply Classical Training Theory.

     We offer Horseback Riding Lessons to students aged 5 and up. Students are grouped into age and skill-appropriate classes. Adults riders are encouraged! This is not just for kids! Horse back riding is a sport that does not stop at any age. 

Riding Lessons

Never ridden a horse or have ridden and want to learn more?  Maybe you want to trail through the fields or just hang out with the horses for enjoyment? We provide that too!
Basic riding lessons: $50/hr.

Buy multiple lessons and SAVE!


Lessons are temporarily cancelled while we move locations! 

We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to see you all soon! 


Get approved to move up! Our best riders are invited to join Ali aka "CHICA"  for in-depth riding lessons. We encourage those who are interested to join our RODEO TEAM to join these classes! 

The price is $75 per lesson

Buy multiple lessons and SAVE!

Advanced Riding Lessons with Ali