Turning for Home

"No other program has revolutionized the future of racehorse retirement for the betterment of the horse, the owner, the fan, and the racing industry."

-Salvatore M. DeBunda, Esq. PTHA President 

PTHA's Turning for Home, Inc.

Successfully transitioning over 1860 racehorses into second careers since May 2008, TFH was first "year-round" racetrack equine retirement program of its kind in the country and has been the model program for all racetracks since. All horses are carefully screened for injuries and proper rehabilitation and retraining is provided to help ensure successful placement into pre-screened homes. We are proud to take care of our horses and enjoy following them in their many varied careers. No Parx racehorses are turned away. Every ex- racehorse is offered a dignified retirement an no-fee policy for placement. Thoroughbreds from TFH participate in diverse occupations after racing, and are carefully tracked through a network of PArtner Farms and TFH Admin. 

PTHA’s Turning for Home, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that has provided over 3,000 former racehorses with a safe retirement. The program was created in May of 2008 through the foresight of the Pennsylvania Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association (PTHA), which revolutionized the model for racehorse retirement. Responding to the need for a better system that addressed the uncertain future for the retiring equine population at Parx Racing, the PTHA rallied horsemen to support the program which had established a viable funding mechanism supported by the racehorse Owners, Horsemen, and Track Management. Turning for Home became the first on-track retirement program at a year-round racetrack. Currently, TFH helps over 250 horses each year to retire from Parx.

At Parx Racing, we truly do take care of our own. The majority of our funding comes from Parx horse owners. Parx jockeys, the PTHA, Parx racetrack management, and the Pennsylvania Horse Breeders Association. The Jockey Club and other national organizations have called PTHA’s Turning for Home a model program for other racetracks around the country.

Owners who wish to place a horse with Turning for Home need only fill out an information sheet and sign over the foal papers. The papers are then sent to The Jockey Club and stamped as “Retired from Racing”, thus ensuring every horse placed with our program will never be able to race again. Every eligible horse is accepted into the Turning for Home program.



Because of our presence right here on the grounds of Parx Racing, we have the unique ability to quickly schedule emergency veterinary procedures. This enables some horses that otherwise may not have had a chance for a full recovery often go on to a second career with little or no limitations.

An average of 4 – 8 horses per week are examined by one of our veterinarians at the racetrack, including evaluations of any x-rays or ultrasounds provided by connections.

Many of the leading equine surgeons in the region from Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical CenterHogan EquinePenn Vet’s New Bolton Center and Unionville Equine Associates work with us to examine screening sets of x-rays for horses that are entered into the program. If surgery is recommended, these incredibly supportive equine medical facilities are willing to perform the procedure at cost. This allows us to help each horse who needs it.

While Turning for Home is not a sanctuary, we do all we can to assure that every retiree has the best opportunity to go on to a new career.

With the help of many organizations and our Partner Farms, we have been able to succeed in our mission. Our current horses can be seen at the Partner Farm,  here as well as on our Facebook page.


Taking care of our own doesn’t end when our horses leave the racetrack. We rely on a network of equine professionals who are experienced in the difficult transition from life as a racehorse to a successful new career.

We have an incredibly talented team that specializes in the rehabilitation, retraining, and rehoming of our horses on their farms. These individuals have made it their mission to find Thoroughbreds a second career. Our pre-approved Partner Farms are continually screened non-profit groups (or are encouraged and trained to start a non-profit), and all of them follow the AAEP Guidelines for Equine Rescue and Retirement Facilities.

Each Partner Farm is responsible for standing behind its choice of adopters and submits our Turning for Home sample application. Adoption applications include basic information about the potential adopter, as well as more detailed information of the prospective adopter’s farm or boarding facility. In addition, all potential adopters must provide multiple references, such as a current veterinarian, friend, neighbor, or employer. All approved adopters must also sign a No Auction/Right of First Refusal agreement for each horse before the transfer is complete.

After being approved for adoption, you may then set up an appointment to visit and ride our horses. The contact information for each Partner Farm is in the information for the available horses. Please be courteous! We ask that if you must cancel or postpone your appointment, please let the farm know as soon as possible. Time spent waiting on a potential adopter who never shows up takes time away from working with other horses or meeting with someone else who could adopt another horse from the facility. If we can be of help in any way to find your future partner, please reach out and let us know!